How to Pop-Kultur with … Sonja Eismann

Foto: Alicia Kassebohm

If you need to ask yourself the important gender questions, why not doing it with a proper expert? Sonja Eismann is not just co-editor of acclaimed German Missy Magazine but also likes to deal with the representation of gender in popular culture, feminist and journalistic writing and fashion studies. The diverse line-up of Pop-Kultur 2016 is just way too perfect for her to have a closer look on it. For our newest “How to Pop-Kultur” we got Sonja Eismann selecting her favourite gigs for Thursday, September 1. These are her tips.

As someone who stays in her quarter – a Kiezbody as opposed to a Kiezhopper if you will, or is that something supposedly outing me as an uncool not-long-established Berliner, like Kreuzkölln, where I live and that’s supposedly not called that at all? It doesn’t matter – in the end, it’s the ideal. On September first, I’ll just have to hop on my bike and roll down Karl-Marx-Straße (Beware of the traffic!), and that’s where everything goes down. I would like to start with Fatima Al Qadiri’s talk in Passage Kino and do hope that she not only talks about her Hipster-Fashion-Friends such as Telfar Clemens and if Berlin is now going to participate in their glory (which the Berlin Biennale-merch seems to suggest), but also gives enlightening input on Gulf Modernism.

In Heimathafen Neukölln, I’ll then be waiting in suspense for A-Wa, just like everyone else I guess. They immediately got me with their desert chic video for „Habib Galbi“. Maybe I’ll even get to see some of ESKA, the „singing mother“. That would be awesome, and not only, because I’m a „writing mother“ myself.

Afterward, I’ll quickly check out SassyBlack, and I look forward to finding out how her afro-futuristic sound, also known as „Granola Hip Hop“, sounds in a solo DJ-set outside of the TheeSatisfaction context.

Then I’ll hurry into the Keller to see Skinny Girl Diet. I want to know how WoC-Riot-Grrrl sounds and is performed in 2016, even if not primarily sound-wise, definitely in its political aspects.

I’d like to see at least a bit of Fishbach because the french magazine Les Inrocks has proposed them to me as the hype of the hour more than once. And of course, I’ll have to check out Fatima Al Qadiri’s DJ-set.

Sona Eismann’s Pop-Kultur Plan for September the 1st

18.30h – 20h Passage Kino, Talk Fatima Al Qadiri
19h – 22h Heimathafen Neukölln, ESKA und A-Wa
22h – 1h Keller, Skinny Girl Diet
22h – 4h SchwuZ, Fishbach, Fatima Al Qadiri, DJ SassyBlack

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