Let’s paint Pop-Kultur!

You should be aware of the fact that Pop-Kultur is always supporting creativity and young talent. And by that we mean talents from all different sorts of areas. Yes, that also includes colouring. This year’s programme (which you can download right HERE) will – besides great articles and information – also include illustrations by Cajsa Holgersson. Why? Because it’s awesome and we’d like to support childlike creativity. And the world could definitely need a bit colour right now anyway, don’t you agree?

You can download the illustrations directly right here, print them out, use photoshop or pencils and basically the more creative the better. Surprise us, surprise the artist as we’re definitely going to pass these ones on to them.

So, what now?

Well, post them on our Facebook wall, tweet them to us, write us an E-Mailor share your art via Instagram by also using the hashtag #popkulturberlin. You’ll get rewarded with exclusive free tickets for the entire Pop-Kultur Festival 2016 in the form of exclusive wristbands of creating something unique. So, please let’s just have some easy fun here, shall we?

What about colouring the A-Wa ladies?


Algiers drummer Matt Tong is still missing here. Maybe you’d like to add him.PK_Illus2-AlgiersFatima needs a bit more colours! PK_Illus3-FatimaALQadiri

Neon light? You could definitely use some on the Messer front man.


Make SassyBlack fabulous again!PK_Illus5-SassyblackLet Selda drench in an amount of colours she deserves!PK_Illus6-SeldaBagcan

More colour for Mr. Moore, please!PK_Illus7-ThursonMoore

You can find the Download of all illustrations right here.

Pop-Kultur is wishing you a maximum amount of fun!