How to Pop-Kultur with … Robert Stadlober

Robert Stadlober
Foto: Christian Pitschl

A person like Robert Stadlober doesn’t needan introduction. In the past almost two decades he became a stable figure in Germany’s cultural landscape as an actor, musician and passionate person when it comes to ambitious art projects. Expect the unexpected. It’s no surprise that Mr. Stadlober enjoys the diversity of Pop-Kultur Berlin as much as we do. This is his personal schedule for the final day of the festival on Friday.

At first Jens Balzer. I usually read him in the paper every morning, which helps me through the day most of the time. I hope that, as a cherry on top, there will be a witty heckling of Tim Renner by some audience member. He did leave a lot of burnt ground. Then Heimathafen. Exploded View and Malcolm Middleton. The first I don’t know but want to urgently change that, the latter lead me through more than one drunken night, why not see him sober for once. Algiers might be to IN for me.

So, I’ll go back to the Prachtwerk to watch Joel Gibb. His Hidden Cameras used to be very IN as well, back when I had an NME subscription. And as an exception, they were right that time. Nowadays the NME is something like the 030 Magazin in Berlin used to be, only for England. But Joel Gibb still makes very good records and more importantly: he plays very good concerts. That’s a fact. Then I’ll run to the Passage Kino. Maybe Hendrik Otremba started late. If not, I’ll just get to watch the end. He’ll tell me the rest, following his enlightening reading. And after he introduced me to Richard Hell, with whom we’re going to do a little tipsy good night dancing to the music of Zebra Katz and check out the rest of the party in the SchwuZ.

Robert Stadlober remains restless. He’ll be reading “The Aesthetics of Resistance” by Peter Weiss together with colleagues within 10 days at Berlin’s HAU in the course of a festival celebrating the 100th birthday of Peter Weiss. He’s currently also working on a new play which will be premiered at Ackerstadtpalast in Berlin in early 2017.

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