Telescope: ÄTNA

We are Inéz (vocals, synthesizers, bass) and Demian Kappenstein (drums, electronics).
We nowadays live in Dresden. Inéz is half Swiss and originally comes from Saarbrücken, Demian from Euskirchen.
Our latest release is called »LA FAMIGLIA – An Audiovisual Suite«.
We make music because that’s how we can express ourselves.
These three records are on heavy rotation in our tour bus:
Stahlquartett – »Stahlquartett«
Husten – »EP«
Fuchy, Lahva – »Praliné«
At Pop-Kultur 2019, we are especially looking forward to the five year anniversary party of the festival.
Our remedy for stage fright is Spicy Ginger!
The best thing we’ve recently done was recording together with Moses Schneider at legendary Hansa Studios in Berlin.
The future is FOR ALL OF US!

Find out more about ÄTNA and theur performance at Pop-Kultur here.