Telescope: Iotaphi

My name is Ilia Darlin. Iotaphi is my new project, a platform I get to explore and live, parallel to a more practical life. I aspire to make it my only life. Francesco IX has been the main producer of the project.
I come from Athens Greece, this exciting, chaotic and undeciphered city.
Our last release is called »Dark Blue«.
We make music because there’s no other way to live.
If we had to describe our music in only one song, it would be »Kids Of Chaos«.
These three records are on heavy rotation in our tour bus:
Frank Ocean – »Godspeed«
The Bug, Flowdan & Killah P – »Skeng«
Maria Callas – »Casta Diva«
Our remedy for stage fright is to let go. For me stage fright is control abandon. You just have to accept that you have no control of what is about to happen and just flow in the experience. Obviously you can at a certain point control your performing, but not absolutely, live performance is so much more than execution.
If we were allowed to name a star, we would call it Aphaia (Aphaea). She was a daughter of Zeus and Kharme and her name translates as the »invisible«. She was a mother-goddess and her sanctuary would have been a place principally of female cult. I feel the oxymoron of being invisible yet a star could be interesting.
The future is fortunately unknown.

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