Telescope: Juicy

We are Juicy, a duo from Brussels. We met at jazz conservatory in Brussels 8 years ago where we started to sing together in differents projects.
Our last release is our second EP »CRUMBS«. It talks about people’s troubles, people like you and us who have unresolved issues or buried impulses.
We are making music because it’s what we’ve been doing forever. We both started to play the piano when we were four years old. Our parents are artists too, musicians and comedians.
The one song that best represents our sound is »COUNT OUR FINGERS TWICE« since it’s the first song we wrote together. We like to blend every kind of music we love: hip-hop, jazz, classical, R’n’B… We think all our influences are in that song!
If we were to describe our philosophy in only one line from a song that would be »Poopy-di scoop / Scoop-diddy-whoop / Whoop-di-scoop-di-poop« from Kanye West’s »Lift Yourself«.
These three records are on heavy rotation when we’re on tour:
Hiatus Kaiyote – »Tawk Tomahawk«: One of our favorite bands! We are in love with their music!
A Ravels compilation: Like we said, we both began to play the piano when we were very young, and we are still listening to a lot of classical music today.
John Coltrane – »A Love Surpreme«: There are no words to describe how beautiful this record is. We love when you’re able to follow a real story trough a record. We try to do this with our own music.
For, us Pop-Kultur is a great opportunity to export our band. We really want to travel with our music, share it with other people, discover new places. That is our best hope for Juicy’s future. We are sure we’re gonna meet other amazing artists. It’s gonna be our first time in Germany!
If we were allowed to name a star, we would call it Mouldystar.
The best thing we have recently done was releasing our second EP »CRUMBS« and throwing a huge release party in Brussels! We sold out vk, a concert hall in Molenbeek. We had the chance to program the line up for all the evening! We invited Commander Spoon, a Belgian mutant jazz band, Darrell Cole, a Belgian rapper, and LEFTO, a Belgian DJ.

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