»Telescope«: Our new interview series for Pop-Kultur 2019

Who’s already a star – and who’s still a starlet? Pop culture may be concerned with these kinds of questions, but we at Pop-Kultur don’t want to bother. Instead, for the last four years, our aim has been bringing established acts and lesser known names into a productive interplay from stage to stage. On an even playing field, of course.

Before the fifth edition of Pop-Kultur, happening from the 21st to the 23rd of August, 2019, we will zoom in with our interview series »Telescope« and focus on the musicians and bands from our live programme whose radiance might still be undetected by our audience – perhaps because they are only starting an exciting career, or because they are visiting from afar, maybe speaking a language we’re not fluent in or are simply outpacing current musical conventions.

Our series will highlight 18 of these acts, letting each one have their say – week by week, starting April 11th until one week before the festival kicks off. We promise, our »Telescope« is worth a gander. In the end, the most interesting question that pop culture can pose is: what’s still out there? And to that, Pop-Kultur aims to offer 18 answers, clear as a star-studded sky.