Telescope: SYTË

We are a band made up of an eclectic mix of individuals who wish we could simply live on a tour bus for the rest of our lives.
Our members come from Kosovo, America, and Switzerland — but we are based in Kosovo.
Our last release is called »Nostalgia Rocket« from our debut »EP«.
We make music because it’s like one of the functions of our autonomic nervous systems. There’s nothing more familiar to us than music.
If we would have to describe our whole philosophy in only one line from a song, it would be »I haven’t reached my peak just yet.« from »Crying in the Club«.
These three records are on heavy rotation in our tour bus:
Thundercat – »Drunk«
Beyoncé – »Beyoncé«
Pantera – »Vulgar Display of Power«
Pop culture for us is the conductor of society, created for and by young people.
Our remedy for stage fright is having a beer or two, hugging each other, meditating, and dancing out the fright before the show.
If we were allowed to name a star, we would call it sytë. It would be the brightest one in the sky – that way we would have no choice but to be seen.

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