Telescope: Xen

I am Xen, a metalsmith by day and musician and DJ by night.
I grew up in Jerusalem, but currently I live in Tel Aviv.
My last release was released on Garzen records and it is called »Pere Adam«. It’s an EP with four songs that I wrote together with Dori Sadovnik from Red Axes.
I make music because I love to express myself through this medium, it makes me feel connected to myself. I can channel all my sadness through a form of art, which then makes me happier!
If I had to describe my music in only one song, it would be »Pere Adam«, which means »savage«.
These three records are on heavy rotation in omy tour bus:
Fatal Microbes – »Violence Grows«
Catherine Ribeiro – »Paix«
K. Leimer- »A Period of Review«
At Pop-Kultur 2019, we I am especially looking forward to meeting special people and listening to new music. I’m excited to perform with my band to all the new ears that haven’t heard us before and also for the workshop that I will be a part of at the festival this year.
The best thing I have recently done was adopting my dog, Ayuni.
The future is the present.

Find out more about Xen and her performance at Pop-Kultur here.