Telescope: Rosemary Loves A Blackberry

I am a multi-disciplinary A/V artist, musician, songwriter, producer, sound designer and performer.
I come from Moscow’s ghetto suburbs in Lyubertsy, Russia.
My last release is called »snowfake«.
I make music because because it is my profession and the only activity which always brings sense and reason to my life.
If I had to describe my music in only one song, it would be »Army of Me« by Björk.
During my last tour, I have been mostly listening to the Relax Melodies and TeasEar apps and The Smiths’ »Meat Is Murder«.
My remedy for stage fright is getting enough sleep, warming up and the soundcheck.
If I were allowed to name a star, I would call it Yasya, Tyapa and Kozyavka – these are the names of my beloved cats!
In the future, we will have an eco-friendly attitude towards people, animals, plants, and life in general.

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