Telescope: Alex Kelman

I am Alex Kelman.
I come from Siberia.
My last release is called »U17«.
I make music because that’s what I have been doing for over 25 years. Nothing else to do in this crazy world.
If I would have to describe my whole philosophy in only one line from a song, it would be »I am looking to this world of lonely hearts, burning inside, this is the end«.
These three records are on heavy rotation in my tour bus:
My Bloody Valentine – »Loveless«
Aerofall – »Forms«
Blankenberge – »More«
At Pop-Kultur 2019, I am especially looking forward to Lali Puna.
The best thing about Berlin for me is that it’s International and open-minded.
If I were allowed to name a star, I would call it Plavna.

Find out more about Alex Kelman and his performance at Pop-Kultur here