Telescope: alyona alyona

I am a tutor and a rap performer.
I come from Ukraine. Many years of my life I lived in a village, now I live in Kiev.
My last release is called »Я залишаю свій дім« (»I Leave My Home«)
I make music because I like to talk through my music.
If I had to describe my music in only one song, it would be »The Show Must Go On« by Queen
These three records are on heavy rotation in my tour bus:
Col3trane – »Penelope«
Maverick Sabre – »Her Grace«
Ivan Dorn & Zventa Sventana – »Мужа дома нету«
If I were allowed to name a star, I would call it »zirka« (in Ukrainian, the star is ZIRKA. Therefore, it will be ZIRKA ZIRKA as ALYONA ALYONA)
The best thing I have done recently was the purchase of equipment in kindergarten with a philanthropist. I made the children happy!
The future is development and progress.

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