Telescope: Haszcara

I am Haszcara.
My latest release is called »Polaris«.
I make music because, it’s good for me.
If I had to describe my own music in just one song, it would be: »Ich lebe« by Babsi Tollwut.
And if I had to summarise my philosophy in a line from a song, that would be:
»Jemand anders sein ist leicht und nichts Besonderes, schwer ist nur, man selbst zu sein ohne Kompromiss« (»To be different is easy and nothing special, it’s only difficult to be yourself without compromise«) by Karuzo.
On tour I like to get inspired and empowered by strong women: »Invasion of Privacy« by Cardi B is a crucial part of my Spotify playlist.
The best thing about Berlin is to not stand out!
If I had to name a star, I’d call it Polaris!
The future is in our hands!

Find out more about Haszcara and her performance at Pop-Kultur here.