Telescope: Malonda

I am Malonda, Elektrik Diva and songwriter.
I was born and raised in the Ruhr area, currently based in Berlin but with a suitcase in Hamburg.
My last release is called »Liebe machen«.
If I had to describe my own music in only one song, it would be »Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious« from »Mary Poppins«. I owned the German synchronisation on tape when I was a kid.
If I had to explain my entire philosophy in just one line from a song, that would be »It’s my life«. I’ll leave it open which of the many songs I’m referring to here!
On tour , I’m listening to a very personal playlist with hits from the 70s till today which is perfect for sing-alongs but has been slandered as »trashy« by some car passengeners, and the »Guardians of the Galaxy« soundtrack.
At Pop-Kultur, I am especially looking forward to the workshops and the many new friends I will make there.
The best thing about Berlin for me is that the town is my best friend. That’s why we keep our secrets for ourselves.
If I could give a name to a star, I’d call it Malondin – a mix of Mondin (the title of Malonda’s debut EP) and my own name, ha!

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