Telescope: Voodoo Beach

We are Voodoo Beach and we make noise.
We come from Berlin.
Our latest release was called »Ozean«.
We make music because we flunked math.
If we had to describe our philosophy in one line from a song, it would be: »Keiner weiß, wer wir morgen sind.« (»Nobody knows who we’ll be tomorrow.«)
These three records are on heavy rotation in our tour bus:
Goat – »World Music«
D.A.F. – »Alles ist gut«
Tommy Guerrero – »Road To Nowhere«
Our remedy for stage fright is drinks.
If we could name a star, we would call it Sterni.
The future is an apprenticeship at the IHK.

Find out more about Voodoo Beach and their performance at Pop-Kultur here.