Telescope: Mauvais Œil

We are Sarah Benabdallah and Alexis Lebon.
We are from Paris.
Our last release is called »Constantine«.
We make music because it feeds our souls and makes us happy. it is a way to connect with other human beings without necessarily having to speak the same language or to speak at all, it is universal.
If we had to describe our music in only one song, it would be Baden Powell’s »Samba Triste«: timeless, melancholic yet dancey.
Pop culture for us as a term can sometimes have a negative undertone to it but there is something very humble and pretty straightforward about it that goes with how we see making art and especially making music. It doesn’t have to be too intellectual but it definitely has to resonate with deep emotions that everybody goes through.
If we were allowed to name a star, we would call it Warda.
The best thing we have recently done was finishing our first EP, »Nuits de velours«.
The future is hopefully paved with velvet and as sweet as a baklava.

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