Telescope: UMA

We are Ella and Florian. With UMA, we try to bring together our very different ideas of music.
Our latest release is called »If you fall, someone will notice«.
If we had to describe our philosophy in only one line from a song, it would be »And when I sing loud, it cuts the noise out« from Flotation Toy Warning’s »Controlling the Sea«.
Pop culture for us offers an opportunity to question and reflect realities, test some limits and breaking the habits. Headroom.
At Pop-Kultur 2019, we are especially looking forward to Teresa Rotschopf, Deerhoof, and Shari Vari.
Our remedy for stage fright is a glass of red wine, stretching and song practise.
The best thing we have recently done is tons of new music!
The best thing about Berlin for us are spaces like ACUD MACHT NEU, ZK/U, the many off locations Neukölln and much more.
The future is carrying on!

Find out more about UMA and their performance at Pop-Kultur here